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Bluetooth Speaker


Who says music can't go wherever you do?


With Bluetooth speakers, anywhere you go is where your music goes. The sky is the limit, and we mean that literally! Be it on a plane, on a boat, or in the furthest reaches of the mountain paths that you can find, Bluetooth speakers can play your music with crystal clear perfection. With our main JBL line of speakers, you have the comfort of knowing your speakers are made to be water-resistant and can survive a polite rain when you're out and about. From a small clip-on radio to large boomboxes, there is a speaker for every occasion. 

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Incorporating four active transducers and two JBL bass radiators, JBL Boombox delivers monstrous sound along with hardest hitting bass that you will not only hear but also see it
The JBL Link 300 is a voice-activated speaker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® enabled that delivers incredible room-filling sound from a compact design. It has the Google Assistant built-in. It’s your own personal Google. Always ready to help.
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