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Quality has no boundaries. It is the pursuit of a pure, unaltered sound that pushes us to create new headphones and microphones that relay audio in the purest, simple form they are capable of for our listening pleasure. 


It's why we're dedicated to finding and bringing only the best audio equipment to you. We do the research, you reap the reward! Listen to your favorite records and songs without fear of the quality being garbled by cheap products. When you're here, your ears are treated right.

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VHF narrow-band receiver
Dual-frequency design (Channel A/B)
High signal-to-noise ratio performance
Broad frequency response range & low distortion
Independent adjustable volume control
Dual-independent channel antennas
RF signal & AF signal LED ind
100 selectable frequencies
Selected channel stored in memory for subsequent use
Clear channels selectable with Autoscan
Rugged all-ABS housing
Operating freq range: Channel B 505MHz-529.75MHz
Frequency synthesized PLL (100 channels selectable) 250kHz
Showingof 10 item(s)