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Based out of Hong Kong where their products are developed and manufactured, Carisma has been creating quality toys for all ages since 1967. Available worldwide, Carisma prides itself on being a company where a clean sheet of paper coupled with industry-leading creativity brings forth exciting RC products. 

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Fully Licensed & Detailed 76 Ford F-150 Pickup Bodyshell
Smart Throttle "1-2-3" Feature (Beginner, Intermediate & Expert)
Build in Ports for add on FPV module & for optional LED Kit
KD PROPO RX/ESC with Smart Drag Brake feature
The 1/24 scale MSA-1E Subaru Brat RTR vehicle from Carisma Scale Adventures offers a full-size crawling experience in a tiny package. Completely RTR and even includes 4 AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter.
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