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Are you ready to start setting up your home office? Phones, extra wires, testers to make sure everything is working, and perhaps even a few collectables to decorate your desk. Starting such a project can be tricky, which is why RadioShack of Bozeman is dedicated to making the transition to working from home as simple as possible!


With electronics to fill out any room of your home to collectables and toys for you or another, you'll find it all here at Radioshack!

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Listen in and stay informed with the Uniden BC125AT Compact Bearcat® Handheld Scanner. This sophisticated scanner with 500 alpha-tagged channels boasts a convenient compact design and loads of features.
The WS1065 stores up to 1,800 frequencies and lets you search for nearby frequency transmissions and automatically jump to a found transmission. Plus, it lets you hear storm reports and more before they are broadcast on TV or radio.
Lightweight cordless butane soldering & hot-air tool
Fast heat up for high productivity-melts solder in less than 40 sec
Gas capacity allows up to 1 hour of continuous use
Refills in less than 20 sec
The weBoost Refurbished Drive 4G-M Cellular Booster Kit extends cellular signal range to ensure you get better voice and data with fewer dropped calls, improved voice quality, and faster upload and download speeds.
The 29 LX MAX is the professional driver’s choice for communicating safely, easily, and legally. Use your smartphone to connect with our patented Bluetooth® wireless technology and reap the benefits of your smartphone right from your CB radio.
The WS1040 stores up to 1,800 frequencies and lets you search for nearby frequency transmissions and automatically jump to a found transmission. Plus, it lets you hear storm reports and more before they are broadcast on TV or radio.
The SureCall Flare 3.0 increases voice, text, and 4G LTE data for all North American cell carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. It greatly enhances 4G, LTE, and 3G cell service for all your wireless devices (smartphones, notebooks, hotsp
5 Hour extended battery life, Play your digital media via built in USB/SD Card reader
9 Inch LCD Swivel Screen, portable DVD player;
USB port
3 AC outlets
2,000W continuous power
Digital-volt/watt-meter mountable
Overload indicator
Remote-control ready thermostat controlled fan
200A power requirement ground fault sensing
Electronic circuit protection
Extreme long range laser radar detector with color display and advanced filtering. This long range radar detector and laser detector will allow you to monitor your road speed.
Upgrade communication equipment with the DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone System with Digital Answering System. The system supports call waiting and caller ID that stores 30 calls. The phone also comes with a backlit keypad and display.
Upgrade phone equipment with the DECT 6.0 Expandable Speakerphone Two-Handset System with Caller ID. The two-handset system features Caller ID, and it is expandable with Caller ID/Call Waiting/additional handset speakerphones.
The Cobra RAD 250 keeps drivers aware of their surroundings while protecting them against all radar and laser guns used today. Its Anti-Falsing Circuitry reduces false alerts from erroneous sources like collision avoidance systems.
From natural disasters and national emergencies to unprecedented times, Cobra is the most trusted brand in communication and power solutions. We believe reliability and quality aren’t optional. It’s our standard.
Bluetooth connectivity allows users to make & receive calls through CB radio with most Bluetooth phones; 1-touch Bluetooth operation; Caller ID with voice; Selectable 4-color display in green, blue, amber & red; 10 NOAA weather channels built-in; and more
Home 4G is our standard multi-user cell signal booster for residential use. It’s designed to increase cellular connectivity and signal strength for one room or up to 1,500 sq. ft. Home 4G works on all US carrier networks and is compatible with all phones
Drive X RV is our standard multi-user, in-vehicle cell signal booster for all classes of RV. It’s designed to reach cell towers at distances up to 33% farther than the weBoost Drive Sleek.
DECT 6.0 Digital Technology
Store 6000 Directories from up to 4 Different Cell Phones
Expandable System up to 12 Handsets
AT&T's 4-Handset Cordless Answering System is packed with features. There's a 50-name Caller ID history, a 50-name phone book directory, 9-number speed dial and much more. The system is expandable up to 12 handsets.
13.3" swivel, widescreen, 16:9 TFT color display
Plays DVD, DVD±R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 & JPEG compatible
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
USB port
SD Card reader
VTech DS6101 Handset requires the DS6151 Phone System in order to operate. It features DECT 6.0 technology, caller ID and intercom and transfer between headsets. 2 line operation allows you to dial and receive calls on 2 different phone lines with 1 phone
Showingof 36 item(s)