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Have you ever went to a professional dirt-track race and saw the cars zipping by and thought: 'That's awesome! I want to do that too!'? Well now you can! RC Buggies are designed after their real world racing counterparts to be slim, lightweight, and low to the ground. With increased stability and speeds, buggies have become a staple in off-road RC racing that is here to stay. Get in to the sport of RC racing and experience the thrill today!

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Fully assembled, waterproof, Ready-To-Race®, with TQ™ 2.4GHz radio system, XL-5® Electronic Speed Control, 8.4V NiMH 3000mAh Power Cell™ battery, 4-amp DC Peak Detecting Fast Charger, and ProGraphix® painted body.
1/10 Scale Brushed Electric Buggy - Includes: 2.4Ghz Radio, Battery, Charger, Ready to Run
When you have a need for insane, crazy speed, you need to take a look at the Python buggy! With up to 6S LiPo power and a 2050KV motor, you can utterly dominate the rest of the crowd with this super buggy.
Designed fast and designed tough, the ARRMA® TYPHON™ 6S BLX 4WD RTR Speed Buggy is now equipped to deliver even bigger and better 1/8 scale bashing thrills — with a Spektrum™ SLT3™ radio, dual-protocol receiver, Smart ESC, stronger servo, and more.
Want to dominate the track and stay ahead of your friends? The Shogun is going to be at the top of the timing sheets! The Shogun from Team Corally is simply the meanest, baddest, and roughest LiPo-powered truck on the planet!
From their pinpoint precision to their versatility, buggies have been a mainstay in RC driving for a reason. The ECX® AMP™ Desert Buggy pays homage to buggies of the past with a classic design and modern features that leave less capable rigs sidelined.
1/10 Scale Brushless Electric Buggy - Includes: 2.4Ghz Radio, Battery, Charger, Ready to Run
Showingof 11 item(s)