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Listen in and stay informed with the Uniden BC125AT Compact Bearcat® Handheld Scanner. This sophisticated scanner with 500 alpha-tagged channels boasts a convenient compact design and loads of features.
The WS1065 stores up to 1,800 frequencies and lets you search for nearby frequency transmissions and automatically jump to a found transmission. Plus, it lets you hear storm reports and more before they are broadcast on TV or radio.
From natural disasters and national emergencies to unprecedented times, Cobra is the most trusted brand in communication and power solutions. We believe reliability and quality aren’t optional. It’s our standard.
Bluetooth connectivity allows users to make & receive calls through CB radio with most Bluetooth phones; 1-touch Bluetooth operation; Caller ID with voice; Selectable 4-color display in green, blue, amber & red; 10 NOAA weather channels built-in; and more
Showingof 4 item(s)