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Team Corally History

Team Corally is founded in 1986. They have been developing and manufacturing innovative, high quality and high performance RC racing products for over 30 years. Corally is proud to hold several National, European and World championship titles in the exciting world of RC model car racing.

Team Corally Vision

Their vision is to be the global leading manufacturer of high performance RC car products for all passionate hobby drivers and expert competition racers who are selecting our trusted products to enjoy their fascinating world of RC car racing, to be the fastest and to join their team of champions.

Team Corally Mission

Their mission is to provide both, all passionate hobby drivers and the expert competition racers, high quality, innovative and performance-enhancing RC car products, all supported by a strong global network of specialised RC resellers.

All people at Team Corally are driven by an intense passion for the RC car industry. The Team Corally expertise of today is created from many years of top level racing experiences and the particular knowledge of our team of developers.  

Whether it is one of their basher RTR’s or competition cars, or one of their high performance batteries, motors and controllers or high quality accessories, all Team Corally products are "Engineered to be the fastest" and they are made to support you to become a champion.

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When you have a need for insane, crazy speed, you need to take a look at the Python buggy! With up to 6S LiPo power and a 2050KV motor, you can utterly dominate the rest of the crowd with this super buggy.
Want to dominate the track and stay ahead of your friends? The Shogun is going to be at the top of the timing sheets! The Shogun from Team Corally is simply the meanest, baddest, and roughest LiPo-powered truck on the planet!
If you're looking for the toughest, roughest, and baddest machine on the planet, get your hands on the Kronos monster truck! With capacity for 6S LiPo power and a 2050KV motor, it's ideal for massive air and crazy-fast speeds!
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